Addressing biodiversity loss

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DNA barcoding for species identification and biomonitoring

  • A European framework

iBOL Europe is a European node of the International Barcode of Life consortium. A regional nexus for the DNA barcoding community.

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    DNA barcoding of invertebrates inhabiting subterranean environments – the case of Western Carpathian epikarst

    Guest blog by Aleksandra Jablonska and Michał GrabowskiThe world is inhabited by a huge diversity of invertebrate species, some of which remain particularly understudied. The reasons for this depend, among other things, on species habitats and their accessibility for researchers....

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    February 26th: Webinar on Development of curated reference libraries

    Development of curated DNA-barcode reference libraries for species in Europe When? February 26th from 14.30-16.00h CET How to join? Join our community though this form to receive your invitation   DNA barcode reference libraries underpin effective biodiversity monitoring. Great progress...

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    Survey about Education on Biodiversity Genomics in Europe: opportunities & gaps

    Facilitating knowledge sharing & supporting training of the new generation of researchers working in the field of Biodiversity Genomics - that is one of the main missions of iBOL Europe.   However, to be able to provide relevant education opportunities...

  • What is DNA barcoding?

DNA barcoding uses short segments of DNA to identify species. A scalable solution to provide biomonitoring data to address biodiversity loss.

  • Our vision

To support the DNA barcoding communities of European nations, to conduct impactful DNA-based biomonitoring, to sustain and improve planetary biodiversity.

Paul Herbert

“European researchers have played a central role in the iBOL consortium since its launch in 2010. iBOL Europe will amplify these impacts by coordinating a scientific community with the capacity to reverse the loss of biodiversity. It’s a model for the rest of our world.”

Paul Hebert

Canada Research Chair in Molecular Biodiversity, University of Guelph
Scientific Director and Board Chair, iBOL

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