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For science from fieldwork to bioinformatics, and for working with key DNA barcoding facilitators

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  • General overviews

DNA barcoding and metabarcoding guides and information for specialists and non-specialists alike.

  • Sampling procedures

Protocols and compliance information for organism and environmental DNA sampling from museums and the field.

  • Molecular biology

Methods and guidance on DNA extraction, amplification and sequencing from single specimens and environmental DNA samples.

  • Analysis & curation

Resources on DNA barcode and metabarcode data analysis, gap-lists, barcode reference libraries and curation, FAIR data.

  • Citizen science

Resources to support scientists with citizen science projects, and citizen scientists and expert taxonomists with DNA barcoding.

  • Science briefs

Guidance on preparing science and policy briefs and practical summaries on DNA barcoding for industry actors and policy makers.

  • We are collating resources

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