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    Webinar on DNA-barcoding using nanopores: Bridging theory to real-world implementation

    DNA-barcoding with nanopores: Bridging theory to real-world implementation When? June 6th from 15.00-16.30h CET How to join? Webinar details will be emailed directly to the iBOL Europe community mailing list. Not signed up? Join our community through this form to...

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    Save the date: Next community meeting on May 27th

    Our next bi-monthly community meeting is coming on May 27th! Join us to hear updates from the Biodiversity Genomics Europe project and their recent hackathon, Biodiversa+ project Metaplantcode and about the importance of linking a taxonomic name to a taxonomic...

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    The Italian National Biodiversity Future Center

    National Biodiversity Future Center: A molecular platform for Italian biodiversity monitoring, conservation and restoration Guest blog by Jessica Frigerio, Andrea Galimberti & Massimo Labra Mediterranean biodiversity is under threat due to phenomena of global and local concern such as climate change, sea-land...

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    9th International Barcode of Life Conference: September 3rd to 6th, 2024

    Amazon homecoming: connecting people, barcodes, and biodiversity The global DNA-barcoding community will meet at the 9th International Barcode of Life conference in Belém, Brazil on September 3-6th, 2024. Find all the important information about the conference at:   We...

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    AquaEcOmics meeting from 17 to 21 March 2025

    AquaEcOmics meeting aims to explore aquatic ecosystems biodiversity, functionning and monitoring with eDNA and multi-Omics methods The next meeting will take place in Evian, France from 17 to 21 March 2025. Find all the practical information at:   We...

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    March community meeting highlights

    On March 25th, we held the last edition of our bi-monthly community meetings. We heard from the new iBOL executive secretary Adriana Radulovici about the plans for future iBOL developments, from Florian Leese about the new Biodiversa+ project DNAquaIMG, and...

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