• Website
  • Geographical region(s): Trans boundary
  • Ecosystem coverage: Freshwater
  • Taxonomic group(s): Protista
  • Host institute(s): INRAE Carrtel (France)
  • Time span: Ongoing
  • Description: (e)DNA tools for the biomonitoring of freshwater phytoplankton: – A web-based application (Phytool) developed with ShinyApp (Rstudio) aims to make the harmonisation of taxonomy easier and in a more efficient way, using a complete and up-to-date taxonomy reference database for freshwater microalgae. – Phytool barcode libraries : selected specific barcodes within the two marker genes (rRNA16S and rRNA23S) allow to target the entire freshwater phytoplankton community. These barcode libraries will be enriched in the next releases of the application.
Published On: January 29th, 2024 /