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  • Geographical region(s): Poland, Mediterranean Basin, Balkan Peninsula, Carpathian Arch
  • Ecosystem coverage: Freshwater, Marine, Terrestrial
  • Taxonomic group(s): Arthropods, Chordates, Other metazoa
  • Host institute(s): Department of Invertebrate Zoology & Hydrobiology, Faculty of Biology & Environmental Protection, University of Lodz
  • Time span: Ongoing
  • Description: PoLBOL is a national iBOL-BIOSCAN node and an initiative coordinated at UniLodz, aiming to (i) document the biodiversity in Poland at a molecular level and provide reliable, comprehensive DNA barcode libraries for biomonitoring activities, (ii) improve, at an international scale, the DNA barcode libraries and document biodiversity in understudied European biodiversity hotspots (e.g. Carpathian Arch, Balkan Peninsula, Mediterranean Basin), (ii) promote DNA (meta)barcoding as handy tool in biodiversity studies and conservation activities.
Published On: May 31st, 2024 /